How to unsubscribe the Wall Street Journal subscription.

The moment that I knew I cannot unsubscribe to Wall Street Journal easily was just really annoying. Well, It shouldn’t be like that and don’t get me wrong, I totally enjoy and interest their articles.

But when it somethings related to unsubscribing I feel like it should be our choice to control. Even it did say on the site that you could cancel anytime but in reality, it’s not that straight-forwardly as you want.

I found the way to cancel WSJ without calling the those number via Youtube. And simply what you have to do is

  1. Change your billing address into California, US (Which you could randomly find the address on google) and submit it.
  2. Use another web browser and log in to your account.
  3. Now it will somehow show you the option to cancel the wall street journal.
  4. Done, it will stop its ‘Auto-renewal’ on your next bill.

Bye to WSJ for now

Mi.. xx

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